Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Yarn Along

Today's post isn't terribly exciting. I'm still reading the second volume in the Ferrante'so Neopolitan stories, The story of a new name. I'd hoped to be finished it by now but I spent about a week looking for it! Himself had put it in a bag with some paperwork he'd cleared off the kitchen dresser. It was only after I found it that he remembered what he did with it!

I've be dipping in and out of a few knitting projects. With the weather turning cooler I've started on a new winter hat for Miss S. The boys hats will follow soon. 

I've been sewing a little too. I've plans to make some beanbags for the kids for Christmas. I've sewn and filled the inner cushions and I've cut the fabric for the outer cushions so I just need to get time to sew them! 

I've recently finished a nightdress for Miss S too. The pattern is from Making childrens clothes.

I used some brushed cotton that I originally got when I was pregnant with Mr A to make burp cloths. Five years later and I still haven't made them! I made the 3-4 years size but I took a couple of inches off the length of the body and sleeves to make it fit the piece of fabric I had. Despite that it's still roomy and will fit her for a quite a while. 
I'm not the mist experienced sewer, especially but I found Making children's clothes had a good mix of patterns. The step by step instructions are clear and we'll laid out. It also has full sized pattern pieces (always a bonus!). I have found that pattern sizing runs a little large. Following the measurements in the sizing table I've made the 3-4 year old size in this (and the puff ball skirt I made earlier in the summer). Even though Miss S is a tall 3 year old both projects are a bit too big for her. The skirt has buttonhole elastic in the waistband so by pulling that in to the last buttonhole it fits okay. The nightdress is roomy but that's no big deal. Plenty of growing room built in I suppose. I would recommend going a size down (although maybe still keeping the extra length) if you want something to fit well now.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Yarn Along

It's been a hectic few weeks. Mr C turned 1 on Friday and Mr A turned 5 yesterday.  Time is going too quickly and they're growing so fast that if I stop to think about it I can almost not catch my breath. We had a joint birthday party for them at the weekend. It was mostly family and Mr A had a few friends over. Between the marathon baking session the day before, then having 14 adults, 2 preteens and 8 kids (6 of whom are very energetically enjoying every thing) in our small house, I'm just about recovered.

I'm just finishing up The story of a new name by  Elena Ferrante. It's the second volume in the Neopolitan stories. Lila is now married and appears trapped while Elena is trying to discover who she is and what she wants from life.   Their paths continue to diverge and converge and while their relationship is complex they still remain friends.

I haven't knit much in the last few weeks but I'm just casting on a pair of socks for himself. It's becoming a bit of a tradition for me to knit him socks for Christmas. He picked out the yarn in Dublin in May for my birthday. We had a bit of time to spare between going to see the Leonardo da Vinci exhibit at the National Gallery and dinner so we popped in to This is Knit so I could have a browse. While we were there he suggested that he pick out the yarn for his Christmas socks and who was I to say no?