Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Yarn Along and New Adventures

It's been a few weeks since I last posted. There's been visits to the zoo, a pet farm, a castle, numerous playgrounds, family and friends.

I'm just finishing up My Brilliant Friend by  Elena Ferrante. It's a nice, gentle story following the lives of Lila and Elena during their childhood and adolescence  in 1950's Naples. Throughout it their paths continue to diverge and converge but through it all thy remain best friends. I think I will be buying the next volumes in the Neopolitan stories by Ferrante soon! 
Today I'm browsing through the third volume of Nigel Slater's Kitchen Diaries in the hopes of some dinner time inspiration.  Niger Slater is one of my favourite cooks and I really like his Kitchen diaries series. He focuses on simple, good food. Nothing too complicated but still taste good. I already make several of his recipes regularly and the kids enjoy them too (bonus!).
On the knitting front I'm working on a sample knit for a new beanie design so watch this space.

I'm a bag of mixed emotions today. It's Mr A's first day at primary school. I'm excited at discovering his potential, watching him learn more and absorb all that information like a sponge. He's broadening his horizons and I'm both excited for him and a little sad for me. He's becoming more independent and I'm happy for him, proud of him but a little sad that my little boy is not quite so little any more. This little boy, my first born, the bundle of joy who made me a mammy and filled my heart with so much love when I first set eyes on him that I thought it would burst and helped to heal some heart breaks there is off on a new adventure...

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Yarn Along

I've cast on for the test knit and I'm just at the sleeve separation. It's a cute figuring weight tee and it will look adorable on any kid.
I finished Me Before You and yes I did shed a tear with a few odd looks from the kids as I was finishing it while we were all eating breakfast. I've just started My Brilliant Friend by  Elena Ferrante. It tells the story of Lila and Elena as they grow up in 1950's Naples. Throughout their lives their paths continue to diverge and converge but through it all thy remain best friends. It is the first in the Neopolitan stories by Ferrante. So far I'm enjoying his book and if it continues this way I will probably pick up the other volumes not this series too.

I finished the princess crown and hair  for Miss S. She's very happy! I think if I could've added a big more "hair" to the front of the crown to give a bit more volume. If I ever manage to convince her to give it back to me I'll do it. I used about 200 m of King Cole Dolly Mix DK. I may write up the pattern if you're interested let me know.