Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Yarn Along Wednesday.

Wow these Wednesdays really seem to come around fast 😁!

So I'm still working on my test knit for Jessica. I'm a little behind (sorry Jessica!) but I'm hoping to catch up over the weekend. I'm really looking forward to finishing it so I can wear it as the yarn is so scrummy that I know it will be so cozy to wear.
I've finished Fallen and I've just started A House in the Sunflowers by Ruth Silvestre. Its the first in a trilogy of memoirs following their adventures buying and renovating a house in (very) rural south west France. I've only just started but already it's making me long for warm days in a foreign country! Even more so with the weather we're having at the moment. We went from glorious sunshine last week to battling hailstones taking clothes off the line this morning. Maybe, if we're really lucky, that sun we had last week wasn't the only summer we'll have in Ireland this year!

One highlight of the last week has been a dandelion wish slipped into the pocket of my bag...

... as payment for making a daisy chain crown for an almost 3 year old princess on our walk home from dropping her big brother to preschool. 

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