Saturday, 21 May 2016

Nature Challenge

A week ago I was nominated by my cousin to take part in a nature challenge on Facebook.  I usually don't take part in these challenges but thus onemail appealed to me. The challenge was to take a photo of nature every day for 7 days and post it on Facebook. You then tag a friend to nominate them to take part. It was so nice seeing so many beautiful photos of the world around us (and that we often are too busy to see) popping up on my news feed every day. I really enjoyed taking part in the challenge. In the midst of cooking, cleaning, school runs, nursing, nappy changes and everything else involved in an average day of a mother of 3 very active kids it made me slow down for a few minutes to look around at all the nature gifts us. 
So I challenge you to slow down for a few minutes each day for the next week and take in all the beauty that surrounds us (even in the most unlikely places). Take a photo if you wish. Post it on social media and encourage others to do the same. Or keep the photo for yourself to enjoy as a reminder to slow down even it's only for a couple of minutes during the day.

Day 1: bee visiting the honeysuckle in my garden 

Day 2: early morning wishes

Day 3: waiting for my strawberries

Day 4: my Lily of the Valley is late this year but still smells as sweet

Day 5: raindrops on Rose leaves

Day 6: lilac bloom

Day 7: we have bumble bees nesting in one if our compost bins

And a bonus photo of daisies to brighten your day. 

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