Saturday, 19 March 2016

Fabric scrap art

A few weeks ago, Mr A, Miss S and I had some fun with a bag of fabric scraps I had left from some recent sewing projects.

The first project we did was to make pictures of their initials to hang in their room. I cut the letter out of some heavy paper and let them loose with the PVA and fabric scraps. They covered the entire letter and then left them for a few hours to dry completely.


Once they were dry I trimmed the edges and glued them down on some backing card.

The PVA worked well but the paper I used wasn't heavy enough and puckered a bit when it was wet so much with the glue (4 and 2 year old don't do things by half!). I just used a glue stick to glue the letter to some white backing card and weighed them down under some heavy books and they straightened out fine. Now I just need to frame and hang them. 

The next time we took out the fabric scraps it was to make mothers day cards for my mother and mother-in-law, a birthday card for my mother and an engagement card for my brother and his fiancee  (congrats D and S!). This time we just used a glue stick to glue down the fabric onto the paper, trimmed the shapes once they were dry and glued them onto backing card. Lots of glitter was added later too, and I'm still finding that all over my kitchen!
I forgot to take photos of the finished birthday and mothers day cards but here's the engagement card.

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