Sunday, 31 January 2016

Dressing up

Last weekend himself brought the bigger kids swimming and then to visit his parents so I had a bit of time to make a few requested additions to the dressing up box. Mr A wanted a superhero mask while Miss S wanted a wand and both wanted a crown. Even though Miss S insisted she didn't want a mask and Mr A didn't want a wand I knew that as soon as they saw what the other one had they'd want one too so I made two of everything. 

For the super hero masks and cuffs (a bonus for the kids) I used  this tutorial. They were very quick to make so making spares/replacements in future will be easy. The part that took the longest was sewing on the velcro by hand.

The crowns were also an easy make. I wanted one that would easy for them to put on themselves (and stay on!) so I used the tutorial on the We Wilsons blog here. The kids picked out the fabrics from my stash and the crown template they wanted. I didn't opt for any embellishments as I was short on time but I'd definitely have lots of fun choosing ribbons, buttons etc in the future.

The magic wands were tricky. A lot of patterns called for wrapping wooden dowels or similar in fabric which for me screamed possible weapon! But then I came across 
this pattern on the Maker*land blog. The entire wand is stuffed so nobody will be hurt when they "accidentally" whacked on the head while been turned into a duck or banana as I can attest to when the kids were giving them a trial run on me! I made a couple of adjustments to the pattern. I made the star out of felt and didn't use the wadding as it was too bulky to turn back through with the felt. Instead I just stuffed it well with toy stuffing using a chopstick to get it into the points. I also made the handle shorter, about 30 cm. 

They were well received when they got home and they got out their capes to complete the ensemble.

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