Friday, 23 January 2015


Triangulate is a new pattern just released by Kelly Brooker which I was lucky enough to test knit. It's a beanie knit in sport weight yarn and with a very simple colourwork pattern. The pattern is for 12 sizes from newborn to adult large.

I used some MillaMia yarn which I liberated from my sister-in-laws stash (thanks E!). I knit the 50 cm and in total it used 40 g (~100 m) of the main navy colour and 16 g (~40 m) of the yellow contrast. 

The little man had to be bribed with a chocolate bear to come out into a very cold and frosty December day for me to get some photos! Even at that the light wasn't the best and the photos don't show the colours up as well as they should!

Friday, 2 January 2015

A year in review

Another year has drawn to a close and new one has just started so it's time to have a look back on 2014.

Last year I completed 36 knitting projects, a little down on last year but not bad overall:

13 hats
10 cardigans/sweaters
3 toys
3 washcloths
1 bookmark
3 pairs of socks
1 pair of slippers
1 baby blanket
1 shawl

I've released 4 patterns:

I have 5 WIPs I'm carrying through from 2014 and I hope to finish all of them before the summer .

1. Flax sweater for the little man - I've almost finished the 1st sleeve so this shouldn't take long to finish up.
2. A cardigan test knit for the little lady - this has a deadline of January 25th so will definitely be finished soon!
3. Miranda sweater for me - I've made so little progress on this. I don't know weather I should just give up or keep going. I do really like the pattern though.
4. Follow your Arrow shawl - Again I don't know if I'll keep going with this.
5. A pair of socks for me.

On the sewing front I tackled a few new projects including some clothing for the kids which was something very new to me.
1 A quilt for my mother for Christmas, which was very well received.
2. A dress for the little lady.
3. A pair of reversible trousers for the little lady.
4. A pair of trousers for the little man.
5. A doll
6. A baby quilt
7. A pin cushion
8. A hot pad.

I also reupholstered some kitchen chairs and upcycled a dress!

Over all I'm happy with my crafting output last year. Here's to more this year!
May the best of 2014 be the worst of 2015!

Happy New Year!