Sunday, 7 September 2014


We bought our house about 8 years ago. When we moved in the only furniture we had was a bed, a book shelf and a few camping chairs and so we set about finding homes for our boxes of stuff and finding furniture too! 

We borrowed a rickety old kitchen table from my sister which we used for a few months until we found a table and chairs we liked. Now this was 8 years ago and it would be many years before kids arrived so the fact that the chairs were upholstered in cream fabric didn't cross our minds. The only things that matter was that the chairs we're comfy, the table fit in our kitchen and more importantly it was on sale!

So 8 years has passed by, 2 kids have appeared in our lives and well many spill ages later the chairs were looking a bit worse for wear no matter how often they were cleaned.

A facelift was in order.

I didn't fancy spending a fortune on reupholstering fabric for the chairs but I did have an old oilcloth tablecloth which I bought a few years ago but as it had been badly stained from tomato sauce I had taken it off the table. I cut off the stained part and kept the rest of it thinking it would eventually come in useful.  Which it did!

There are many upholstery tutorials online but all I did was to measure the seat pad and add about 5 inches to the length and width to allow enough fabric to be folded under. Then using a staple gun I fixed the fabric to the underside of the chair starting at the middle of the side and working towards the corners, stretching and smoothing the fabric as I went along. I folded the fabric in at the corners as neat as possible before stapling that down too. Then reattached the seat pads to the chairs.

Et voila, nice new easy clean chairs and all it cost me was some time and effort!