Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Country Living

We live on the edge of a small town in the foot hills of the Wicklow mountains and are essentially surrounded by farmland and nature at its best.

This weekend showed us just what country living is about. We had a cow with wanderlust take a liking to the grass on the green across from our house. The little man had a great time shouting "moo" out the window as he had a look.

She then had a stroll up the road to have a look in a neighbours window, before being shown back to her field by another neighbour of ours.

Of course, there was a frog to be watched by the little man in the back garden. I think this one thought that climbing the wall might be a good escape route.

 And this morning, a neighbour calling with some fresh picked courgettes! (One of the best things about the country). They're huge! I guess more like marrows than courgettes, but so yummy! Now what to make with them?!

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