Thursday, 20 June 2013

Random Act of Kindness

Apologies in advance for this very photo laden post!

Without a doubt some of the best people are knitters (crocheters and crafters in general too!!)!! Way back in January, Nicky (momoffour) sent me a message to say that some of the members of the Itty Bitty Knitters group on Ravelry wanted to do a little something as a gift for me and the baby. I was lost for words at the kindness behind such an offer. 
Well, the day after my last post, our little lady arrived and about a week later this wonderful gift from the Itty Bitty Knitters arrived. I was lost for words when we opened up the huge box of goodies. So much work was put into it! Not only had they included some baby and crafty bits and pieces they also knit the entire Spud and Chloe farm!! 

Here is the gift in all it's glory!

So first up the farm! The amount of work that went into this is just astounding and I love it all. It was made up of animals all designed by Susan B Anderson. I particularly love the colourful flock of sheep, headed up by Spud. This was inspired by the fact that sheep in Ireland are marked with coloured dye to mark ownership among other reasons. Another favourite were the two barn cats which were made to look like our cats Jasmine (the ginger cat) and Pearl (the black one).


Another adorable addition was a reversible bunny to duck toy. I can see kids getting a lot of fun out of this.

All the above patterns can be found in Spud and Chloe at the Farm book or in Susan's Ravelry shop.

To round out the farm the ladies made a farm land playmat and beautiful wooden tractor and truck (which the little man has loved playing with ever since!). The toys can be found at Green Bean Toys on etsy.

And as a fun addition some farm mac and cheese!

To add to all the farm-y goodness there were some lovely baby knits which followed the theme. These included matching farm hats for the little man and his new little sister and cute booties. Along with a whole stack of wash cloths and bibs!! If you ever want to an idea of what to knit as a baby gift I would highly recommend knitting wash cloths and bibs. These cotton bibs are much more absorbent than many of the ones available in shops and the wash cloths are just as wonderful. I have ones that are now coming up on 4 years old and are still as good as the day that I got them. They've been used to wash faces and clean up spills and countless other uses along the way. You can find many patterns on ravelry and can knit matching bibs and wash cloths with cute kiddie designs on them.

Finally, there was a cut sleepsuit for the little lady and a t-shirt for the little man. Oh and some towels! There is a bit of a story behind these towels. When I was pregnant with the little man Deb (lovetocraft on rav) sent me a lovely gift and included was a towel. This was the best baby towel I have ever come across. It's huge and it's still being used by my now 21 month old boy with plenty of growing room left. I wanted to get another couple for when the new baby arrived but unfortunately the 3 Marthas that produce the towels don't ship internationally. I also couldn't order them using my Irish credit card to have them shipped to an American address. Diana (grandmabuck) offered to get them for me and ship them and I would then pay her back through paypal. This was perfect. But Diana was being a bit sneaky as I found out later. She let me know that she ordered them but them said that one was out of stock and she was waiting on it. Then when she had them all she said she'd ship them once term ended (I know how busy the end of term is!). Once she had them shipped she was going to let me know how much it all was so that I could reimburse her. Well, I got a huge surprise when they were included in my gift! These are just wonderful towels and will be put to very good (and long) use!

Finally, there were some lovely crafty goodies for me. The wonderful project bag in the bottom left is made by an itty bitty Heather (mommytofive) and they can be bought in her etsy shop, Luv Bug Bags.

Details of some of the projects can be found here.

I still can't believe that amount of work and organisation that went into such an amazing gift! I'm completely lost for words. I love everything and I know that there will be many, many hours of fun had by the kids playing with everything. Thank you all so much.

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  1. This is awesome! "At The Farm" was one of the first knitting books I got and I'm super-excited about knitting all of the projects in it. Although I've got yarn for about 1/3 of the projects, I've only managed to make a single hay bale so far. Other projects keep jumping on my needles before I get a chance to knit something from the farm! And now that I have Susan's newest book of reversible toys, I fear Spud and Chloe will continue to languish in my stash as hanks of unknitted yarn....

    -greg, drmellow on Ravelry,