Monday, 17 December 2012

Days 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17!!

So the first 12 days of the swap and with it the 12 days of Christmas theme are over! On Day 13, I received a very cute Santa hat for the little man knit by Janet's daughter Rosy as well as some Pez. Rosy did a great job on the hat and the yarn is just so squishy and soft.

Day 14, was a Christmas tree wine bottle topper for me and himself and a cute book for little man. I opened this not long after he woke up and gave him the book and he happily flicked through the pages every time he came across the book all day. 


On day 15, I got 3 balls of Baby Alpaca Worsted yarn by Plymouth yarns. The light this of year here isn't great but the yarn is a wonderful deep purple. To top it off Janet put them in a cute Christmas tin so it was definitely a surprise to find yarn when I opened the package!! Her card also said to check my Ravelry inbox and there I found the Clepsydra hat and mitten ebook. I love this pattern!

Day 16, was also hidden a cute tin, a snowman this time! Inside was some yummy jelly sweets, two very cute little storage boxes, a sheep pen, a needle gauge and a needle inventory card which I've never come across before but is a great idea!

Today, day 17, came as two little presents. The first had another book for the little man. The second a cute soft rocking horse that makes a neighing and trotting noise when the body is squeezed! I'm guessing this is supposed to be hung on my Christmas tree but little man has claimed it and I don't think I'll be getting it back! 

I wonder what the next few days will bring? In knitting news, I have finished the one sock for himself for Christmas and I've started the second. I have 8 days to finish the second and I have a feeling he could be getting one and a half socks on Christmas morning with me spending the rest of the day trying to finish them!!

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