Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Days 10 ,11 and 12

Day 10 Janet gave me my something green, a cute felted trivet mat with a leaping lord to match day 9's dancing lady.

Day 11 of the song tells of 11 pipers piping. Well who needs pipers when I can do the piping myself with this great set of disposable piping bags and nozzles! This is probably one of my favourite interpretations of the 12 days of Christmas theme. I think I'll have to bake some biscuits just to have the excuse to try these out!

Today is day 12 and I opened my present to find the cutest knitted drum ornament for my Christmas tree! Janet, did an amazing job on this! So that's the 12 days over so now the next 13 days are a real mystery to me and I can't wait to find out what awaits me!

In other Christmas related knitting, I just finished up a Christmas pudding tea cozy. My friend C asked me a while ago if I would knit her a Christmas pudding tea cozy. Of course I said yes and eventually got around to finishing it a couple of hours before I gave it to her on Monday! I'm happy with how it turned out but I think if I hadn't procrastinated so long on knitting it I would have made a few changes to the pattern. As it was it's a combination of 3 patterns. The main one is this one. I used that for the body but there were mistakes in the pattern which were a bit annoying but easily overcome. The main problem was that the sauce is crocheted and well my crochet skills are not that great so I ended up using this pattern for a dishcloth to make the sauce. I think I only used 5 repeats rather than 8 for it to fit the top though. The holly leaves and berries then were pilfered from a Debbie Bliss designed kids Christmas Pudding hat which I have (and still want to knit... maybe next year!). Overall, I'm happy with how it turned out but maybe a bit more tweaking would make it better.

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