Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas Knitting

I managed to get the socks himself requested for Christmas finished on Sunday evening, a full day a head of the deadline. Whoot! They're a little looser than he likes but that is because I realised after finishing the first sock that I was using 2.50 mm rather than my usual 2.25 mm. I seem to be doing that a lot lately.... oh well, they'll shrink a bit after a few washes and wears and then they'll be just fine. I used a little less than one skein of Cascade Yarns Heritage Paints in Isle of Skye (that is such a perfect name for this colour). 

On Christmas morning, I opened my present from my sister in law E and among other bits and pieces I found this.....

... a kit for Oatmeal the Snowman!!

I cast on later in the day when we were in my parents house and finished him up today. I managed to squeeze him out of one ball of Katia Big Merino by omitting the last repeat of round 19. I just didn't see the point of breaking into another ball for the sake of 1.5 decrease rounds!! There was an expedition mounted this morning to search for pipe cleaners and I managed to find one single pack left in the shop. This was a minor miracle in itself considering I was looking in a small town in the middle of the Wicklow mountains with no craft shop! But find them I did. I think they really finish him off well.

I decided to give him to my sister today for her birthday, although it's not until next Tuesday, at least this way she'll get some use out of him before the Christmas decorations get put away on the 6th. She used to have a fibre optic snowman which she loved, mainly because he had twig arms, but when she took him out this Christmas he didn't work. So although Oatmeal doesn't light up, I think his twig arms make him a good replacement. She was delighted, when I gave him to her and he's now happily sitting in the centre of her kitchen table.

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