Thursday, 16 August 2012


I have been trying to write this post for about 3 weeks now!! Well I'm finally getting around to it so I figured I'd update on what I've been doing since the last time I posted.

I'm just finishing my third week back in work after 10 months of maternity leave (it's actually 11 months since I took annual leave before my maternity leave started). Little man is being looked after by my sister which is a blessing. But every morning I leave him with a heavy heart. The first morning was the most difficult. Since then, it has been better, while my heart is still broken leaving him, I haven't cried since that first day. The hardest part is that he gets so upset and clings to me when I'm leaving him. I know that he's fine within 5 minutes of me leaving and has a great time for the rest of the day but it's still a horrible feeling leaving him like that. The hugs I get from him when I pick him up in the evening help fix my broken heart from the morning though. I keep myself busy in work so to take my mind off things though.

While the Olympics were on in London the Ravellenic Games were run on Ravelry.  As I was just returning to work when they started I only completed and entered 2 projects into the games. The first went into the Hand-dye High Dive! I dyed some Knit Picks Bare with Blue Raspberry Kool-Aid. I named it Capri as the clear blue colour reminds me of when we visited Capri on our honeymoon.

Secondly, I knit another Aviatrix hat for the little man. I love this pattern. It's written for a range of sizes and yarns. The construction is wonderfully simple, knit flat using short rows to shape it. I knit it up in a matter of days. I just need the perfect button.

I've recently started a log cabin style blanket for the little man. I have 5 balls of Knit Picks Brava Sport and I'm just going to keep knitting until I run out. How big the blanket will be by then is anyones guess. It's a bit of a long term project and I work on it a bit everyday on my commute to work while himself is driving. I've done a few more panels since I took this photo but I'm loving how it's turning out.

In non-knitting news the little man dropped his monkey out of his stroller a couple of weeks ago on our way home from meeting friends for lunch. Needless to say there was a panic when I called in to my parents house and realised that Monkey was no where to be seen. Leaving the little man with my Mam I raced back along my route and thankfully I found him. Some very kind angel had picked him up and placed him on top of the wall near the church to wait until I found him. I've since found a solution and Monkey now has a nice new seatbelt for when he's travelling.

Ok I think that's enough of an update for now. I'm off to have a cup of tea before bed!

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