Saturday, 18 August 2012

Productive Weekend

It's been quite a productive couple of days in my kitchen. Firstly, my friend Jen arrived to our regular lunch (and baby) meet up yesterday with a large bag of basil for me. Which got turned into a jar of yummy pesto when I got home.

Then still on a bit of a herb kick I raided my herb garden. I don't know if it's the weather, lots of rain with some sunny days thrown in, or if it's the fact that my herbs, apart from my rosemary, were moved from pots into a raised bed this year but they have grown like crazy. I swear my chives are about 3 foot tall! I can't use them quick enough so last night and this morning, I chopped up a load of chives and parsley before freezing them for future winter use.

 Then this morning I got bit by the baking bug. I made a loaf of gingerbread, a iced lemon traybake and some coffee and walnut cake. As there was so much I froze half of each cake un-iced. I'll defrost it next weekend when the girls come round for lunch.

And finally, two dishes of macaroni and cheese with bacon and courgettes. One for tonight and one for later in the week. This way there will be one night during the week that neither myself or himself will have to cook dinner after work!

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