Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Patchwork Sock-A-Long

There's a Sock-A-Long happening over on the Itty Bitty group. Susan B. Anderson is hosting it and at the last count there were about 80 ladies taking part. The idea is to gather up all your remnants and part balls of sock yarn and turn them into a pair of patchwork socks using any pattern you like. I'm using Susan's How I make my socks pattern, although I changed the heel flap slightly and cast on less stitches.

So I gathered all my scrap sock yarn together and this is what I have, although the red wildfoote is still attached to a baby sock (more about that later).

I cast on on Thursday and finished my first sock on Sunday. I'm about an inch past the cuff on my second sock. I randomly chose my colours although I had an idea in my head what way I wanted the colours to go! lol! I did tink back twice to remove colours that I knew weren’t working after a few colour changes and I knew if I left them there they would really bug me every time I wore them! Although there were a couple of other colour changes that I thought were questionable but I left them and they worked out fine. Here's the finished sock. Hopefully I'll have the second sock finished soon.

So what about the baby socks. Well again over on the Itty Bitty Knitters group, Pat (Plynn on Ravelry) started a thread for "Operation Shower". Here's what she asked -

"I belong to a Blue Star Mothers group (military mom’s support group) and we have the honor of co-sponsoring an Operation Shower baby shower in early July. The goal is show support for military moms-to-be or new mothers by showering them with gifts. Especially since many of these moms are going through their pregnancy without the support of their husbands due to deployment or job assignment."
Pat volunteered to make baby booties or socks for each of the gift boxes and we all rowed in to help her make the 40 or so pairs she needs. The socks/booties could be made in any yarn with any pattern but with a colour theme of red, white and blue. I offered to make a couple of pairs and here they are. Baby socks are so quick to knit and always cute! They're going to be winging there way across the Atlantic later today.

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