Friday, 27 April 2012


When it comes to certain projects I am definitely a procrastinator. Take for example my Tiny Elf. I cast him on in October last year but he has languished in the bottom of my work basket as a sad one armed, legless elf since then.

Oh I had plenty of excuses, like there was a newer project that I wanted to work on, or swap knitting to be or the fact that Christmas was over so the elf knitting was a bit out of season! During the week I finally got my WIPs down to two, my Lintilla and this little guy. So I couldn't procrastinate any longer. So out of the work basket he came and after a couple of hours of work he was finished. 

There was so little work left to do it made me wonder why I procrastinated so long! Now he's sitting on my mantle piece waiting for Christmas.

One last project I want to share is little man's first jumper for this winter. The pattern is Tama by Kelly Brooker. It's a really quick knit, I cast on very late Friday night and finished Tuesday morning. I think he might need another one of these.

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