Sunday, 15 April 2012


As I mentioned before here I'm taking part in a swap set up by Mel in the itty bitty knits group. The swap has a H theme and while we must include a hippo or hedgehog, we have to try describe our other items/goodies with a H word (no matter how loosely the word applies)! So far my parcel has been coming along nicely. I only have a couple more things to add and then all going to plan I should have it posted by the deadline. One item I like to add to some of my swap parcels is a cotton washcloth with a design that suits the swap theme. There are plenty of these on ravelry so there usually isn't a problem finding a suitable pattern. This time was a bit different. While I found a couple of patterns for hippo washcloths there were no hedgehog ones and I wanted a hedgehog! 

So I decided it couldn't be too hard to design one myself. They were just a square made up of knit and purl stitches afterall? Nothing too scary. After a lot of frustration trying to use a free knitting chart program that I had downloaded, I decide it was best to use simpler means. Out came the pen and squared paper and I was off and running. Over the last week I managed to design and write up the pattern for 3 different hedgehog washcloths which I very imaginatively called hedgehog washcloth #1, #2 and #3!! I'm actually quite pleased with results. Each takes less than 50 m of aran weight cotton. I knit the 3 of them out of one ball of Tivoli Cruise Aran with enough left over for probably another one.

As each was ready I uploaded to the pattern to the Ravelry database so that the other ladies taking part in the swap could have the patterns. They can be found herehere and here. I've been pleasantly surprised by the response. Of course the itty bitty knitters have all been very encouraging and have given me plenty of compliments. Some of them have shown photos of the ones they've knitted up which has been all very exciting. But what has been really surprising has been the response by other ravelers. I've had many really lovely messages from them about the designs. The first two designs are now been downloaded over 40 and 30 times respectively since I uploaded them on Sunday (April 8th) and Wednesday (April 11th) but the most popular design by far has been #3 which is heading for it's 100th download since I uploaded in on Friday (April 13th). I know it's only a drop in the ocean compared to some of the patterns on there but it far exceeds me expectations. So to those of you who have downloaded the patterns, whether you've knit them or never get around to it, I saw a big THANK YOU, you've really made me smile.

These may be the first and only things I design but it was fun and maybe in time the artistic side to my brain may come to the fore again.


  1. You know that I love your hedgehog patterns!!! I guess that us hedgelovers are larger in number than I thought!

    Thanks for your design!

  2. super cute cloths Ber. You're a designing genius now!

  3. These are all adorable Ber, you're so talented!!