Monday, 12 March 2012

The start of things to come???

I've taken the plunge and set up a blog! 

So what am I going to blog about? Well the idea was to write about my attempt to make my first quilt, add in a bit about my knitting projects and my family along the way. I'm very much a newbie sewer. In secondary school home economics class our teacher pretty much ended up doing most of my sewing projects, probably out of frustration. At the end of 3 years I still couldn't set up a sewing machine, which is no reflection on the teacher but more so my complete inability to absorb the information. Then about 18 months ago I took it upon myself to learn to sew. It was a New Year's resolution of sorts (taken in September!). I set off to take a night class in sewing for beginners to learn the basics. I then took a couple of half day quilting classes which I loved and thought I'd do a bit more. Then I got pregnant with my son (little man) and well morning sickness and absolute exhaustion kinda kicked the sewing (and for a while knitting) into touch. He's now 5 months old and definitely eating into my crafting time but in a wonderful way that I wouldn't change for the world.

This year I  am making myself do more sewing! My quilting escapades will be helped along by following the quilt-a-long in the Farmers Journal (such a culchie I know!) and the Block of the Month over on Craftsy. Once I get started I'll try and blog about my progress here.

In the meantime, here are a couple of projects I've recently completed. Meet Mavis and Mildred the Easter chickens....

and Timmy the little lamb....

These are for an Easter themed swap I'm taking part in in the Itty Bitty knitters group over on Ravelry (you'll probably hear a lot about this wonderful group of ladies). They are currently winging their way to my swap partner along with some other goodies that I hope she likes. 

I found the pattern for the chickens on the Bustle and Sew blog. Timmy is from the "Spud and Chloe on the farm" book by the wonderful Susan B Anderson (you'll probably hear a lot about her too!)

I don't know how good an idea this is or even how much blogging I'll even do? But I guess it's best to start at the beginning and see where life takes you.


  1. Wonderful 1st post Ber, so looking forward to sharing your creations with you :0)
    Much love,Mel x x

  2. Great job, Ber! I think you are off to a great start. Can't wait to see more!!!

  3. hurray! Welcome to the blogging world!

  4. Congratulations on your blog!! Great first post, and I'm excited to be following along :)

  5. A great start to what will become a wonderful blog. I love Mavis and Mildred! They are so cute and look like a couple that fuss at each other and then make up.:-)You did a great job making them.

    Happy sewing, knitting, and now blogging!