Saturday, 17 March 2012

Happy St Patrick's Day!!

Today as I think everyone knows is St Patrick's day. Our national day of celebration. Of course we had the usual mix of weather, sun (sort of), wind and torrential rain all in the space of a few hours and of course it was a bit chilly too. Thankfully the rain held off while we ventured into the village to watch the parade. Now this is pretty much a typical Irish village parade, no fancy floats or anything like that. Just local businesses and clubs marching done the main street. There were tractors ...... a LOT of tractors ...

Some horses...

Even a green sheep!

Now for your amusement, a couple of pieces of trivia.

1. St Patrick couldn't have driven the snakes out of Ireland! There were never any snakes in Ireland for him to drive out or at least not post ice-age. The only native land reptile in Ireland is the viviparous or common lizard. The closest thing to a snake in the wild here is the slow worm. It's mostly found on the Burren. It's not a native species and was most likely deliberately introduced in the 60's. It's also not a snake but a legless lizard.

2. The national colour of Ireland is blue NOT green. St Patrick's blue is used on the presidential standard and is also seen in the Dáil.

Finally, I'll leave you with how the youngest fur baby Jasmine is spending the evening.

Happy St Patrick's day everyone!

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